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Horizons makes gymnastics even more fun by having weekly themes. These themes are meant to keep students and parents engaged. We as a family, encourage participation in these fun activities so that kids are entertained and able to socialize and have fun in a clean and safe environment. Students are able to learn new skills through themes and activities inside the gym. Some of our themes include stamina week, balance week, safety week, beach themed week, and much much more! Check out our bulletin board and website for updates, facts, information, fun activities, contests and more!



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On the second week of classes, we had safety week!

Safety week is meant to encourage students to practice gymnastics safely. We offer tips on safety inside our gym. For example, we suggest that students do the following:


  • Please tie hair before entering the gym
  • Please wear proper gym attire (eg. Gym suit for girls and fitted shorts and t-shirt for boys)
  • Always follow your coaches’ instructions
  •  Please do not try anything that you have learned or seen in class, at home
  • Please arrive on time so that students are able to properly warm up
  • ALWAYS have fun!!

On the third week of classes, we had superhero week!

Superhero week is meant to encourage students to channel their inner superhero. During class, we setup stations. Each station is a different superhero. Since each superhero is unique, we challenge students to unleash their hidden superpowers through competitions and fun activities during class. Here are some examples of what these might look like during class. 


  • superman’s station will include a challenge to see how long students can hold themselves up on bars. 
  • flashes’ station will challenge students’ speed. 
  • Captain America’s station will challenge resistance.
  • Wonder woman’s agility will lead the class in some fun challenges
  • Batman’s station will see how powerful students are by challenging how high they can jump 
  • The Hulk’s station will challenge stamina. 

On the forth week of classes, we had mountain week!

Mountain week is meant to keep students engaged by bringing real life scenarios into the gym. During class, we try to incorporate mountains into the activities as much as we can so that class isn’t repetitive. We hope to keep students excited to come to class throughout the year. Here is some of the stuff we do in class.


  • students practice upper body strength on ropes so that they could potentially go rock climbing one day
  • younger students are asked to use their imaginations when doing some of our mountain activities and this keeps them super excited and engaged! 
  • Did you know that our coaches teach students the proper way to fall? It is very important that students understand how to fall in case of an accident. This ensures that students are being safe in the gym, no matter what the circumstances are. 

On the fifth week of classes, we had Hollywood week!

Hollywood week was meant to encourage students to be the best that they can be in their gymnastics classes. In each class, one star student was chosen and given the star of the week. Here are some of the qualities that the star student exhibited. 

– always followed instructions.
– always tried their hardest to succeed and complete obstacles.
– tried to keep focus throughout the class.
– always obeyed the instructor.
– tried to be a leader in the class. 

On the sixth week of classes, we had beach ball week!

Beach ball week is meant to bring in a fun object into class activities so that students are encouraged to stay engaged. Here are some of the benefits and some things that we will do in class this week. 

– coaches incorporate a beach ball into the class activities

– using a beach ball in class allows for more creativity in the gym 

– students are able to use their imagination 

– coaches are able to keep class exciting so that it is easier for students to keep focus. 

On the seventh week of classes, we had obstacles week!

Obstacle week is meant to make class activities fun and different from students’ usual routines. Coaches create obstacles for students to help keep them moving. Students are able to do exercises without even thinking about it. This way, their skills come naturally. You would be surprised about what you can accomplish in class when you are doing the activities one after the other without having any time to get distracted. This week’s bulletin board included ways that parents can set up safe obstacles at home to do with their children. Here are some items that you might have right at home to create obstacles. 

– hula hoops

– table to crawl under 

– beach balls 

– stuffed animals

– balloons

– rope

On the eighth and ninth week of classes, we had Halloween week!

Halloween week is one of the most anticipated weeks at Horizons. Students get to come to class in their costumes, and enjoy the spooky classes that we have prepared for them. With our creepy decorations and mysterious atmosphere, we are able to keep the gym a fun place for students. Halloween is one way to help ensure that students are enjoying their classes. Once students look forward to come to class, they are able to focus better. Horizons is like a second home for students where they can make friends and have fun every week. 

This week, we had our Halloween themed Kids Night Out and students had a spook-tastic time. Kids Night Out is hosted on the last Saturday of every month. Visit our fun events page for more info on Kids Night Out.  

On the tenth week of classes, we had Stretches week!

Stretches and proper warm ups are very important for students to complete before class. This week, we stress the importance of mastering this part of class by encouraging students to properly perform their warm ups. 

This week, our bulletin board displays some stretches that parents and students can safely do at home. Stretches are not only important in the gym but can also be incorporated into daily routines in order to keep up with a healthy and active lifestyle.  

On the eleventh week of classes, we had strength week!

Gymnastics requires strength. Students should have upper body, lower body, and core strength in order for their skills to progress. 

This week’s bulletin board has a couple of exercises that you might see students doing in class. 

Coaches will be testing and challenging students on their strength this week.  

On the twelfth week of classes, we had stamina week!

Maintain good stamina is important to have a healthy lifestyle. This week, we encourage students to stay focused in class as we test their stamina. 

This week, our board includes activities and ways that both adults and children can practice and test their stamina.  

On the thirteenth week of classes, we had balance week!

Balance is very important in gymnastics. Our students practice their balance in every class. They practice their balance on beams, vault, trampoline, and even on the floor. 

This week’s board has some ideas and ways in which parents and students can practice their balance at home. 

On the fourteenth week of classes, we had hula hoop week!

Hula hoops are a great accessory in gymnastics. It can be used when practicing skills and even when warming up or exercising.

In class this week, coaches will incorporate hula hoops into their class activities to keep students engaged and to make sure they are having the most fun!  

This week’s bulletin board includes ways in which you can safely use hula hoops to practice your skills at home. 

On the fifteenth week of classes, we had animals week!

Our gym has stuffed animals everywhere! They are a great prop to help keep students engaged. 

This week, coaches will be incorporating stuffed animals in various ways during class activities. 

On the fifteenth week of classes, we are having xmas week!

This is the week that students have anticipated since September. Before the holidays, students receive report cards. They are so eager for their updates on their progress in the class. 

Happy Holidays from the Horizons team! 

Stay tuned for next week’s theme…

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